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Site Packages


Site packages are a way to create re-usable configurations that can be applied to a new website.  These configurations can include any combination of:

  • Plugins to add, remove and/or activate
  • Themes to add, remove and/or activate
  • PHP Workers configuration (NGINX)
  • PHP Version (NGINX)
  • Select PHP variables such as max_execution_time, max_memory_limit etc.
  • WPConfig.php entries (add only)
  • Custom Bash Scripts to execute just after a site is created and after all other configuration(s) have been applied.

Plugin & Theme sources can be from wordpress.org or from any other url that resolves to a .zip plugin/theme file.

Using Site Packages

You select a site package when creating a new site:

WooCommerce Integration

If you have our WooCommerce module, site packages can be used with WooCommerce products.  When activated, there are  a few extra fields specific to WooCommerce functionality.

It also allows you to apply the package rules to template sites – which means you can create sites that contain most or all of your plugins and themes and then use Site Packages to control which are activated and deactivated for each plan/product.


  • When you create a new site, all rules are applied immediately.  Which means that if you have a lot of rules (eg.: you have a lot of plugins/themes that need to be installed and/or activated), you might run into a PHP timeout or CloudFlare timeout issue.
  • A site package can only be applied to a new WordPress site – not a clone or staging site.  However, when integrated with WooCommerce, site/product packages can be applied to products that use templates.

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