WPCloudDeploy Documentation

File Manager

WPCloudDeploy allows you to install a browser based file manager.  Once installed, it is generally accessible via https://yourdomain.com/filemanager.

The file manager is unique to each site – you cannot install it globally for all sites on a server.

To install it for a site

  • Navigate to WPCloudDeployAll Apps
  • Click on the title for the site where you’ll be activating File Manager to bring up the details for the site
  • Click on the File Manager tab
  • Click the Install button

After it is installed you will be shown the user id and password along with the link where you can access the manager.

Notes & Limitations

  • File Manager does not work consistently under OpenLiteSpeed.  While we’ve toyed with disabling it for that web server, it works in enough scenarios that we decided to leave it available. But please be aware that we officially support it only under NGINX for now.