WPCloud Deploy Documentation

Vultr Provider: Introduction, Installation & Configuration Guide

Installing the VULTR Provider

The VULTR provider is just a regular WordPress plugin – upload and activate it from the WordPress PLUGINS screen.

Configuring the VULTR Provider

The VULTR  provider, as with other providers, need connection and security information before it can be used.

You can provide this information under WPCLOUD DEPLOY->SETTINGS->CLOUD PROVIDERS->Vultr.  There are several steps to this process:

  • Make sure you upload an SSH Keypair to your VULTR dashboard.  You should do this before performing any other steps!
  • Enter your VULTR API Key – you can get this key from the API section of your VULTR dashboard.
  • Click the SAVE BUTTON
  • Click the SAVE BUTTON AGAIN.  This will cause the SSH keys area to show up.
  • Select one of the SSH keys from the drop-down.
  • Enter the PRIVATE portion of the ssh key pair into the Private SSH Key field.
  • Enter the key password if one is used on the key-pair.
  • Click the SAVE BUTTON
  • Click the SAVE BUTTON AGAIN.


  • VULTR wants to restrict api access by IP.  If it seems like the provider not working properly, check to make sure that the VULTR API screen does not have an IP restriction in effect.  Or, if it does, make sure that it is set to the IP of the WordPress server running WPCD.
  • Additionally, if your server has an IPV6 address, you might need to white-list that address as well.
  • VULTR is notorious for not having their HF server sizes available everywhere – and we don’t get that information via the API.  So, you have to look on their site first and figure out what’s available and where.  Then provision that combination in the WPCD dashboard.  Most other providers are similar but they usually try to not be as bad at it as VULTR is.