WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Technical Upgrade Notes For V 5.7.0


In version 5.7.0 of WPCD we’ve added a number of new features that require tweaks to your current settings.


V 5.7 implemented a ‘cards’ UI model which we added to some of the premium add-ons.  You will need to update the following after updating WPCloudDeploy Core:

  • WooCommerce
  • Powertools
  • Server Sync
  • Multisite


Please reset your colors under the SETTINGS WHITE LABEL tab (click on the RESET DEFAULTS button after scrolling down past all the color options.) We introduced additional color settings that are used by the new UI elements so you want to make sure that these are included in your settings.


There have been significant changes to the raw text so if you’re using translations you will need to update them for the new terms.


We’re pushing some new data about sites back to your WPCloudDeploy instances. To take advantage of this new data you’ll need to remove and reinstall callbacks.

In an earlier release we added a BULK ACTIONS option in the server list to remove and install callbacks so that’s probably the most efficient way for you to do this for all your servers.

How To Install The Updates

  • Deactivate the four add-ons mentioned above if you’re using them
  • Update WPCloudDeploy
  • Update the addons
  • Reactivate the addons