WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Automatic Updates & Support

WPCloudDeploy Momentum is a productized SERVICE.  The final output is a custom version of a WPCloudDeploy site and at least one template site (also customized).

The customizations are a combination of existing plugins such as Gravity Forms, Gravity Perks, Admin Menu Editor Pro etc., one or more custom plugins for the primary WPCD site and one or more custom plugins for the template site.

As such there are no automatic updates and our standard support services do not apply to the Momentum custom code (since you’re effectively receiving a set of customizations unique to you).

Instead, we recommend that you purchase a support contract for a fixed number of hours each year – you can then use these hours as you see fit.  You can use them all at once in a single month or you can spread them out over the full year as your need arises.

To be clear, you will still receive automatic updates and support for the standard WPCloudDeploy functions and plugins – only the Momentum features are excluded from our standard support.

The Momentum custom plugins are a combination of code snippets that we created and combined for your installation.  These we will likely continue to enhance over time.  For example, we foresee increasing the different AI integrations (eg: adding in Stable Diffusion) and improving the flexibility of the workflows and end-user/tenant experience.

If you would like to receive updated functions, you should also include in your annual budget calculations the cost for us to apply these updates to your Momentum cluster.