WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Template Sites

At its core, a template site is just a standard WordPress site with a ‘template’ checkbox.  (See the TEMPLATE SITES section in our WooCommerce Sites Integration documentation).

Plugin Suite

For WPCloudDeploy Momentum, template sites have additional requirements.

First, there is a set of PLUGINS requirement – each template must have these plugins installed and activated.

  • Metabox.io
  • User Role Editor
  • Admin Menu Editor Pro

Second, each template site should have our Momentum Custom Tenant Plugin installed and activated.  This plugin is where we handle the onboarding form submission, reach out to OpenAI and other related services and run code for other customizations.

If you clone the template site we created for you, then these plugins will be installed on the new site. But if you’re starting a new template from scratch, then these plugins will need to be added.


Since sites are using data submitted via an onboarding form or generated with AI, we need to tell the template where that data should go.

Most of this is done via the use of TOKENS.  Tokens are specially formatted text snippets that start and end with three curly braces.  Here are some examples:

  • {{{company_name}}}
  • {{{ai_homepage_heading}}}

You can find a full list of default tokens at these links:

The full set of tokens available to you might be more or less depending on the customizations you requested.

API Keys

You will need certain API keys (such as your OPENAI key) in wp-config.php.  See the wp-config.php document for more information about these entries.